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Hi, I’m the HDD Boss.

You probably haven’t met anyone in your life before that is as obsessed with storage as I am. Well, maybe hoarders, but I’m talking about file storage here. I guess you could call me a computer hoarder – I own approximately 100 hard drives that store all of the projects I’ve worked on since 2004.

If you’d like to get in touch with me then you can do so via the form below.

Whilst I’d love to reply to everyone, sadly that isn’t possible with the spare time that I have these days. Any spare time I do manage to get, I put into running this site. If you have any questions about HDDs or are in search of a product recommendation, I’ve hopefully already got a post that has you covered. If not, drop me a line and I’ll try to write a post that covers your needs.

This site does not accept third party content – I write every word myself. Please don’t ask if you can publish on the site – that includes you, bots.

If you’re a company and would like me to review your product, I’d gladly do so without charging any fee. However, I reserve the right to be 100% honest in all of my reviews which means I might be critical even if you provide a product for free.